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Learn how to L U N G E

Do you wobble in your lunges?  Lunging involves placing an emphasis on single leg strength and balance, this is really important with building up overall strength, stability and beneficial for recovering from injuries and imbalances. A lunge movement has lots of variations and progressions. To start off, step your right foot forward about 1 meter, […]

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Y O G A for tight hammies!

Do you have trouble with tight hamstrings? Do you struggle to touch your toes? Our hamstrings are a very important muscle group in the body that is used daily for walking, running, sitting etc. and if you have tight hamstrings you’re not alone!  Here we have 4 yoga poses that you can do to help stretch […]

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A P P L E crumble recipe

Craving comfort food coming into winter? I made this quick and easy apple crumble that is gluten free and dairy free with ingredients that I had in the pantry! Read through to the end to see the macronutrient break down Makes 4   Apple: 3 small organic apples (or 2 big ones) Cored and chopped into […]

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Not a morning person but have an A M gym sesh?

Here’s your ‘HOW TO’ plan for a morning session at the gym!Might sound obvious but you could be missing out on one or two of these tips and tricks to make getting to your morning gym session a breeze. Get everything you need for the next day out and ready the night before. This will […]

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What to E A T before and after working out

Here’s some tips about eating around a workout. Ideally you don’t want to exercise straight after you’ve just had a main meal, it’s not great for your digestion or energy levels and you may even feel sick. It’s ideal to wait 1-2 hours after a big meal before you workout, but you might be peckish […]

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Y O G A for upper back & neck

Do you get upper back and neck pain from your desk job? Maybe you don’t work at a desk but you also get tension and tightness in the same area? Here are 4 simple Yoga Poses to help reduce tension and muscle pain you might have in your upper back and neck area potentially from […]

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How to stay motivated to workout Ever notice how some people are always so motivated and driven toward working out? It seems like it’s so easy for them and you wonder how they do it. Have you ever wanted to be that person but couldn’t stay motivated? Do you go through phases of being motivated […]

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Fool proof your S Q U A T

Not sure if you’re warming up correctly for squats? Warming up on a treadmill before squatting is simply not good enough. Prepare your muscles with the following mobility drills and tips, to ensure your squats are feeling and looking better! S I T  S Q U A T – Time to sit low. The aim […]

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Not a morning person? It could just be the years of practice you’ve had doing your same routine over and over.  Staying up late and snoozing through your alarm, to then rush through the rest of your morning feeling frantic or stressed. Sound familiar? Before starting FORM, my job started at 10am, and for me […]

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H O L I S T I C Approach

We met with Adrian and Monica from Ben Aulich & Associates to review their weekly grocery shop for the break room in the office. To support their efforts in the gym and provide energy for optimal work performance, we spent some time educating them about their choices, and showing them where they can improve, while […]