Educating our members is a fundamental part of the Form philosophy. Anybody can take you through a tough training session, but what added value are you getting outside of that?
What are you taking away from each session you do?

An efficient squat has transfer to every day situations. How often are you squatting every day? Think chairs, bathroom, lifting objects etc. Do you sit into your chair or do you slop your body onto it?
Shown above is Peter learning how to engage his core correctly through a squat. Engaging the core through the squat builds ab strength and protects the lower back.
Where else is this relevant? Standing and walking. If the core is weak or disengaged the gut falls forward and applies pressure to the lower back, not ideal.
If you learn something new every day let this be today’s lesson. How is your core strength? Is your core switched on properly when exercising? Is your core activated properly when sitting/standing?
6 Week REFORM Challenge begins next MONDAY! If you’re ready to start learning and being accountable in your health and fitness then contact us and let’s have a chat.
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