Not sure if you’re warming up correctly for squats? Warming up on a treadmill before squatting is simply not good enough. Prepare your muscles with the following mobility drills and tips, to ensure your squats are feeling and looking better!
S I T  S Q U A T –
Time to sit low. The aim is to keep the feet and heels flat on the ground, knees directed same way as toes, arms out in front or elbows inside the knees, and have a straight back. If this depth is new to you find something to help you balance, it could be a door frame, a post, a kettle bell, something to hold on to that will keep you from falling over. Your stance should be just outside shoulder width, maybe wider. You need to work on pushing the knees out over the toes and a way to help this is with your elbows/ triceps. Pushing your hands together while pushing the elbows into the knees driving them out. This drill helps stretch the muscles in the legs and back, as well as opening up the hips and ankles for your squat.
BONUS relax your head down to get an upper back and neck release

S I T  S Q U A T  w  T W I S T –
Once you’re able to do a sit squat without holding onto something for balance, you can start to add in a twist. Keeping one elbow/ tricep/ shoulder pushing into the knee, reach the other hand up to the ceiling as you twist through your torso and look up to the ceiling. This can be an intense position and movement, so take care and take it slowly. Hold it for a second then untwist and swap sides. Complete up to 10 each side. This drill helps add onto the benefits of the first with added mobility in the torso.

S P I D E R M A N S –
Starting in a high plank, shoulders over wrists, body in a straight line, step your right foot outside your right hand. When your knee is over your ankle raise your right hand up to the ceiling, and look up at your hand . Bring your hand back down and step back to plank, repeat other side. Getting your foot to your hand might need some assisting and thats okay. Complete up to 10 each side.
BONUS you can also add a twist to this one, by stepping right foot outside your right hand and lifting your left hand up.

H I P  S W I N G S –
Warming up the hips with some hip swings. Find something to hold on to for balance, stand on your left toe and start to swing your right leg backward and forward, keeping the knee soft. After 20 swings, swap legs. This drill starts to warm up the hip flexors and hamstrings and also loosen up the hips which helps with getting you into position for your squats.
Add these to your warm up before squats and ensure you’re doing your glute activation work too!
Look out for another post on glute activation exercises coming soon 🙂
Happy squatting!