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6 Week Challenge Winners!

Huge Congratulations to our 6 Week REFORM Challenge winners BJ and Adrian who won a custom made Form Fitness gold shirt. These two winners lost just under 9kg of body fat between them in 6 weeks and completely reformed their daily habits, lifestyle and most... read more


Testing week at #Formfitness as we wrap up the first 6 Week REFORM Challenge. First InBody scan result is in: – lost 2kg body weight – gained 600g muscle – lost 2% body fat (2.7kg of fat lost) – visceral fat went down 2 points Imagine what he... read more

Training Tip

Environment is everything. Enjoy the time you spend with the people you train with and everything flows much better. Some of the 6 week challenge reformers out for an AM bootcamp last weekend by the... read more


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