‘You don’t know what you don’t know’

A few months back we went to a seminar by a famous strength and conditioning coach and he prefaced his seminar with this ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’.
Come on in through the doors with an open mind of endless possibility. What if we learnt something that day that changed the way we train, feel or coach…
Well it absolutely did change something. We took that quote and rode it through more seminars, personal development, training and all human interactions.
If you close your mind to learning how will you ever grow? Aren’t we here to improve and grow?
So what if you had water instead of juice?
What if you didn’t add the sugar to your morning coffee?
What if you went to bed earlier and exercised before work?
What if you went and spoke to the person you avoid? Maybe you might like them or even better maybe you see the reflection of you in them which will help you change.
There’s always a reason not to do something but there’s a million more reasons why you should.