Here’s your ‘HOW TO’ plan for a morning session at the gym!Might sound obvious but you could be missing out on one or two of these tips and tricks to make getting to your morning gym session a breeze.

Get everything you need for the next day out and ready the night before. This will include gym towel, drink bottle, shoes and the clothes you plan to wear to the gym, and then if you are showering and going straight to work after, all the clothes and toiletries you need for that.

Do you need to pack your breakfast, lunch or snacks for the day? Prepare it the night before so its quick and easy to grab in the morning, reducing things on your list to do (and potentially forget) in the morning when you’re half asleep.  Make up your post workout shake the night before so all you need to do is add water at the gym.

If you’re super forgetful you can write a list on a post-it note and have that to help as a checklist or put your gym bag next to the door so you can’t miss it on your way out.

Getting a good night’s sleep is also important and 8 hours is ideal. Ensure you’re getting enough sleep and setting your alarm (or alarms) and reducing screen time and distractions before bed. Magnesium and zinc before bed can help you recover from a gym session, relax your muscles and body by slowing metabolic processes and regulating your sleep hormones. Upon waking drink a glass of water to rehydrate and help you wake up. Water is very important after sleep and helps with bodily functions like circulation, digestion and its essential before gym.


There you have it! See you in the morning 🙂