Semi Private Personal Training where
you get the benefits of a one-on-one
Personal training session, with help and
guidance with technique and form,
personalised programming with added
accountability of a group training atmosphere.


Like a little variety? Form Fitness
classes have their program changed
regularly for the people that like to
keep it interesting and to ensure we
keep the body guessing.  Find out
exactly what’s on and when on our
timetable page.


Great for team building. Great
for group morale and great
for getting out of the office and
getting active together.  Secure
one/multiple sessions weekly
and have a tailored team building
training session designed for
you and your company.

Meet Our Team


My mission is to help create
a healthy balance of strength,
fitness, and flexibility with the
right mindset and attitude so
that you can enjoy the healthy
lifestyle change.


My mission is to make the
fitness journey with clients,
show them a holistic approach
to their life and educate them
so they can become the best
versions of themselves, physically
and mentally.

Our Formula

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8 Weeks apart to the day… Can you believe the transformation BJ  has had in such a short amount of time? 4 weeks in to the 6 week challenge and she has: ✅Put another 10kg on her squat ✅Developed a healthier relationship with food ✅Ramped up training even with... read more

Thoughtful Thursday

  The Form Fitness 6 week REFORM Challenge is well underway. Inbody Scans are done and 6 week goals have been written down and placed on a whiteboard in the gym. If you never write down and materialise your goals then how do you know if you didn’t accomplish... read more

Training Tip Tuesday

Train the back for posture! One of the big differences in Form Fitness is our emphasis on strengthening our backs. Our members who have previously had rounded shoulders or upper back pain have commented on gradual change in their posture as well as a decrease in pain... read more


Jenny Parr

I have been training with Michael for several years and I can highly recommend him as a Personal Trainer. I am a grandmother approaching 60 and, like most people my age, I have several health and fitness challenges.

He is helping me lose a few kilos and tone up to get into a dress for my 40th school reunion this year. He is training me for a walking tour in Italy next year. He is helping me with the more serious issue of being able to maintain my muscle function and bone density for later life.

Michael is mindful of my state of mind and body at every session and takes all aspects into account and modifies and tailors every session accordingly, while still keeping our realistic goals in sight for the longer term.  I am working towards a realistic goal of a strong, stable core and enough upper body strength to support myself functionally.


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