How to stay motivated to workout

Ever notice how some people are always so motivated and driven toward working out? It seems like it’s so easy for them and you wonder how they do it. Have you ever wanted to be that person but couldn’t stay motivated? Do you go through phases of being motivated and unmotivated over and over?
Here’s the answer.
Find your why. Why you want, need or must workout. Your reason needs to be strong, so strong that you are so drawn towards reaching your goals. Your why is your reason for doing something. It doesn’t just apply to working out, it can apply to every aspect of your life. Whenever you’re feeling unmotivated towards doing something take a step back and look at why you need to be doing it. Over the years your why can change and that’s perfectly fine, as long as it’s strong enough you will stay motivated towards achieving it.  Find out what is important to you and write it down.
You might also notice that the ‘why’ could be toward pleasure, or away from pain. For example some people might workout because their why is to gain confidence and feel better, this is toward pleasure. Another toward would be to be fit enough to play with their kids, to improve performance in a sport or even working out with a friend (which is a good one!)
An away from pain example could be recovering from an injury and needing to build up strength to prevent re injuring themselves. Another example is working out to prevent serious health conditions that may impact life and may even bring in a sense of fear. Fear that you’ll no longer be independent because of your health conditions, or fear that you won’t be around to watch your grandchildren grow up.
It’s a fact that exercise releases endorphins, the feel good chemicals in your body, you only have one body to live in and if exercise makes it feel better, why wouldn’t you want to work out?
One last thought to finish on is thinking about how lucky you are to have a body that is healthy and able. A body that is functional and able walk, run, push, pull, and workout when not everyone is lucky enough to have this. Never take it for granted. Find your why and write it down, make sure you see it every day, and keep the motivation levels high. Remember how good you feel after a workout and knowing it will benefit your body, and mind.