What if you could bulletproof your body from niggling injuries?
What if you had the knowledge and understanding of why your posture is so important in exercise?

We often see exercises being performed with suboptimal upper back control. If the shoulders aren’t sitting safely in their pockets (shoulders squeezed back and down) then we’re missing two major things:
– Poor upper back recruitment. When this doesn’t occur our back muscles don’t get activated and our posture will start to get worse.
– Shoulder Stability. If our shoulders aren’t strong and in their optimal position it makes exercising more challenging.
As seen pictured there is an optimal and sub-optimal way to handle our posture. By focusing on doing it correctly we are encouraging our body to activate the muscles that were intended to be used.
Small changes like shoulder position in almost all of the exercises impacts the muscle recruitment which over time will affect force output for the movement. If we continue to do pull ups with the position pictured below we will be unable to continue developing the movement due to a lack of back muscle recruitment.
So to implement this to your training regime start with:
– Pull Ups: Shoulders shrugged back and down before each repetition
– Deadlift: Shoulders back and Squeeze your lats down tight before each lift.
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