We’re coming back to you with another exercise for your posture. A stronger upper back is a healthier back.
Do you find yourself slouching at your desk? What about walking around? What’s your posture look like on the couch at home?

How you do one thing is how you do everything.
Treat your back to some TLC and your future self will thank you.
The Inverted Row, a must-have staple in every person’s program. It trains all the antagonistic (opposite) muscles to the push up which is exactly what we need to correct our slouched posture.
Here’s how it works:
– Set your bar/TRX/rings at stomach height
– Grab on and set your feet close together
– Slide back into the start position (pictured)
– Keep tension through your whole body and stay dead straight
– Row yourself up bringing your hands to the side of your chest
It’s as easy as it sounds! The more horizontal your body position is the harder the exercise, start up more vertical and over several weeks increase the angle.
Try adding this in at the start of all your workouts and watch your posture change.
4 sets of 8-10 reps with 60s rest.