Here’s some tips about eating around a workout. Ideally you don’t want to exercise straight after you’ve just had a main meal, it’s not great for your digestion or energy levels and you may even feel sick. It’s ideal to wait 1-2 hours after a big meal before you workout, but you might be peckish by then, so we suggest eating a banana as a pre gym snack. Bananas are predominantly a carbohydrate meaning it will provide you energy for your workout, they also contain potassium which you body will lose through a sweaty workout. Potassium is important for muscle function and deficiencies in potassium can cause cramping.

You might also like to have a natural muesli bar or protein ball. It can be more cost efficient to make your own, and you’ll also know exactly what’s in it, but if you’re buying them be sure to look at the ingredients, find something that is made with real food, that has carbs for energy, and protein for recovery. Think oats, nuts and seeds. After your workout it’s important to firstly rehydrate, so ensure you’re drinking water. We also want to help muscle recovery with a protein source, this could be in the form of a protein shake, or even a protein source in your next meal.