Do you get upper back and neck pain from your desk job? Maybe you don’t work at a desk but you also get tension and tightness in the same area?
Here are 4 simple Yoga Poses to help reduce tension and muscle pain you might have in your upper back and neck area potentially from bad posture, or just long hours in the same position at a desk job.

Upper Back- Start off by reaching your arms out front, interlock your fingers and roll your shoulders forward as you pull your hands away. Tuck your chin to your chest and hold for 20-30 seconds. Gently move the head from side to side and hold for 5-10 seconds each side.

Head Roll- Sitting straight, gently tilt the head to one side, take 10 seconds to roll your head over to the other side by tucking your chin to your chest. Then another 10 seconds to go back to the first side. Exhale as your head moves down and inhale as your head moves up. Repeat 5 times.

Cat Pose- on all fours, ensure shoulders are over wrists, hands flat and hips over knees. With a neutral spine inhale, then as you exhale tuck the tailbone under, draw the belly in, round your shoulders up to the ceiling and tuck your chin. Make a nice arc with your spine, stretching through the upper back area by moving the shoulder blades.

Cow pose- After cat, inhale and tilt the tailbone up and allow the belly to scoop low as you draw the shoulders down and back, taking your gaze forward. Repeat Cat/Cow 5 times.

Give it a go! See if you can do these 4 stretches 2-3 times per week 🙂